Master in Plant Sciences

Biodiversity and Physiology

Biodiversity and Physiology

Université Paris-Saclay specific Teaching Unit



Michèle REISDORF-CREN (UVSQ - Université Paris-Saclay) and Loïc RAJJOU (AgroParisTech - Université Paris-Saclay).


The aim of this TU is to illustrate the diversity of physiological processes carried out by living organisms. Examples of physiological functions associated with adaptations or speciation will be illustrated in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Emphasis will be placed on multidisciplinary approaches that allow the study of these physiological mechanisms at various scales (organ, organism, population). Through the creation of a poster, students will also be trained in bibliographic research and scientific communication.

At the end of this TU, the student will be able to recognize and compare the major physiological functions within the different kingdoms and illustrate them with some examples of adaptations or speciations; will be able to describe and analyze the results obtained with different methodologies applying to different scales (organ, organism, population) and reflecting an interdisciplinary approach in physiology.


The courses cover the major physiological functions in plants, animals and microorganisms, highlighting the diversity and evolution of living organisms, adaptations or speciation: Carbon metabolism in microorganisms and plants, animal and plant reproduction, animal respiration, host-pathogen interactions. The three tutorial sessions are dedicated to the creation of a poster based on a scientific paper presenting multidisciplinary approaches in physiology. One day is dedicated to the oral presentation (in either English or French) of the posters written in English. At the end of this day, the prize for the best poster is awarded by the jury made up of all the students.


  • Lectures/conferences: 16.5h
    Lectures (13.5h): Diversity and evolution of living organisms, major functions associated with adaptations or speciation, multidisciplinary approaches in physiology (3h), Carbon metabolism in microorganisms (3h) and in plants (1.5h), plant reproduction (1.5h), animal respiration (3h) and host-pathogen interactions (1.5h). Conferences (3h): Animal reproduction.
  • Tutorials: creation of a scientific poster (7,5h)

Mandatory TU
Lectures: 16.5h, Tutorials: 7.5 h
Location: Paris

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