Master in Plant Sciences
Professional MASTER 2 Program

Professional MASTER 2 Program

A high-level scientific education with career openings in private and public companies
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The “Innovation and Quality of Plant Products Master” is an education and training providing the skills required to integrate an innovative company including biological sciences and understanding of practical economy.

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The program is composed of the following teaching units:

Entrepreneurship topics:

  • Tools towards business
  • Market research and Marketing
  • Technological and Competitive Intelligence

Scientifics topics:

  • Genomics and Plant Breeding
  • Agricultural practices and climate change
  • Plant protection
  • Accreditation of plant protection products


A six-month internship is integrated in the program. Given the importance of the internship for the students' entry into their professional life, it must necessarily be performed in a private company.

Career openings

The Professional Master 2 in Plant Sciences trains students to work in companies specialized in plant sciences, mostly in plant protection or plant breeding with various professional functions.

Examples of areas with opportunities:

  • Accreditation and regulations of phytosanitary products
  • Marketing (product manager, market manager, etc.)
  • Technical business sales representative (phytosanitary products, seeds)
  • Agronomic Research & Development (Trials, Integrated Pest Management, Decision Support Tools)
  • Strategic and regulatory monitoring

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