Master in Plant Sciences
Students testimonials

Students testimonials

They attended the Master
Samuel Boscq

"The degree was diverse on its topics and gave me a broad but developed view on the different fields of research and techniques in plant sciences. Some classes particularly stroke my interest, such as the interaction between plants and microorganisms. I took this cursus to develop my knowledge of plant sciences with the idea of moving from plants to algae and use these techniques and analytical process on a different yet similar model. The professoral corp was really supportive of my project and gave me lots of advice and insights."
Samuel Boscq (Research Master 2 Program – Year 2019-2020) 


Nutthalak Laksanavilat

"I am very happy to have been part of this Master Sciences program. The best part is that it is an international program that provides an opportunity for foreign students to join. With the courses provided, they are diverse and efficient to develop a better grounding of plant sciences for both research and professional way. The courses include not only intense lectures but also practical courses that practice us in the real scientific environment. If you are interested in Plant Sciences, this program will not let you disappointed."
Nutthalak Laksanavilat (Research Master 2 Program – Year 2019-2020)


Clément Vassal

"The professional program "Innovation in Quality and Plant Production" of the master in plant sciences is a complete training program, perfectly adapted to people wishing to work in the agricultural sector. The final-year internship is very formative and perfectly professionalizing, I fully blossomed throughout it. Finally, this training represented a valuable professional springboard for me to enter the job market quickly."
Clément Vassal (Professional Master 2 Program – Year 2019-2020)



Katia Samson

"Two very enriching master years!
I have met a very dynamic teaching team that listens to students. The quality of teaching (lectures, project- or article-oriented practicals , ...), as well as the events we had the opportunity to attend (conferences, company visit, … etc.) allowed me to build my professional project and to be fully equipped  to meet the societal, scientific and regulatory challenges of the plant sector in agriculture.  The good mood and the spirit of mutual support that prevail in this program make these my best years of studies!
Today, I am in charge of agro-ecology studies at the Chamber of Agricutlure of Oise, where I support farmers in their actions to optimize and reduce the use of phytosanitary products."
Katia Samson (Professional Master 2 Program – Year 2019-2020)

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