Master in Plant Sciences
Research MASTER 2 Program

Research MASTER 2 Program

A high-level education in Plant Biology
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The Master Research in Plant Sciences is an excellent education program based on a network of several research institutes in plant biology. The aim of this teaching degree is to understand the plant processes and mechanisms in a changing biotic and abiotic environment, in order to meet the multiple challenges of tomorrow. 

Although it is possible to complete five years of higher education, the main objective of this course is to enable students to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the course of Master 2 with a view to continuing their studies with a PhD.

This program is dedicated to students who have a solid background in biology, in plant physiology, molecular biology, or microbiology (as well as a passion for plants!) and who are primarily seeking a career in scientific research, higher education, research and development, scientific communication or scientific and technological monitoring.

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