Master in Plant Sciences
Teaching staff

Teaching staff

A dedicated teaching team with diverse and complementary expertise

The Master’s teaching team is mainly constituted of the professors and lecturers animating the different plant sciences teaching units:

Karine Alix (AgroParisTech), plant genomics and genetics
Benoit Alunni (Université Paris-Saclay), plant microbe-interactions
Moussa Benhamed (Université de Paris), plant epigenetics and epigenomics
Mathias Brault (Université de Paris), plant symbiotic interactions, signalling
Marianne Delarue (Université Paris-Saclay), plant genetics and development
Alia Dellagi (AgroParisTech), plant microbe-interactions
Marie Dufresne (Université Paris-Saclay), plant microbe-interactions
Jean-Denis Faure (AgroParisTech), plant metabolism and cell biology
Sophie Filleur (Université de Paris), plant physiology
Marie Garmier (Université Paris-Saclay), plant microbe-interactions
Mathieu Jossier (Université Paris-Saclay), physiology and plant metabolism
David Latrasse (Université Paris-Saclay), plant epigenetics and epigenomics
Christine Lelandais (Université de Paris), plant epigenetics
Fabrice Lequeux (Université Paris-Saclay)
Graham Noctor (Université Paris-Saclay), plant physiology and metabolism, metabolomics
Stéphanie Pflieger (Université de Paris)
Jean-Marc Seng (Université Paris-Saclay), plant microbe-interactions, entrepreneurship
Bénédicte Sturbois (Université d'Evry), plant genomics
Hélène Vanacker (Université Paris-Saclay), plant physiology
Dao-Xiu Zhou (Université Paris-Saclay), plant epigenetics

Numerous lecturers, professors and researchers of the 5 SPS research units, or from laboratories at the national and international level are involved in the Master.

In the Professional Master Program specifically, three people and one agency bring specific and essential knowledge and know-how:

  • André Fougeroux, autoentrepreneur formerly employee of a private company, member of the Académie d’Agriculture
  • Martine Guillaud, freelance consultant in personal development
  • Véronique Mesguich, freelance consultant in competitive intelligence and information management
  • Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire, de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (ANSES)

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